Semantic Web Workshop 2002





Workshop at WWW2002

International Workshop on the Semantic Web

Hawaii, May 7, 2002

We are please to announce two invited talks by:

Rakesh Agrawal: Making Semantic Web Real: Some Building Blocks

Mike Uschold: Creating Semantically Integrated Communities on the World Wide Web

Workshop Outline

The "Semantic Web" is used to denote the next evolution step of the Web, which establishes a layer of machine understandable data. The data is suitable for automated agents, sophisticated search engines and interoperability services, which provide a previously not reachable grade of automation. The ultimate goal of the Semantic Web is to allow machines the sharing and exploitation of knowledge in the Web way, i.e. without central authority, with few basic rules, in a scalable, adaptable, extensible manner.

The Semantic Web workshop at WWW-2002 will complement the Semantic Web track at the main conference (and other related events) by providing a forum for active discussion on the current achievements, pitfalls, and the future research directions of the Semantic Web. Our goal is to provide a forum for fruitful discussion sessions rather than a mini-conference. We solicit papers, but at the workshop itself the emphasis will be on sharing experiences with time for all participants to contribute to the discussion. The workshop will be structured around group discussions designed to help us achieve greater understanding of the following issues: What are the recent successes in Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Information Integration, and other Computer Science fields that are relevant to the Semantic Web? What are the unique challenges of the Semantic Web that do not allow us to apply that research directly. How do we overcome these challenges? What are new areas of basic research that the Semantic Web needs? What are possible killer apps for the Semantic Web? How can we achieve the critical mass of ontologies, annotated data, tools, agents to make the Semantic Web as ubiquitous as the regular Web is today?

Relevant workshop topics include but are not limited to:

  • Trust in the Semantic Web
  • Query languages for RDF
  • Language and Representation issues of the Semantic Web (RDF, OIL, Topic-Maps, RSS…)
  • Tools, systems and methodologies for engineering of, storing of and reasoning with RDF data
  • Migrating existing information to be usable for RDF applications
  • Information integration and Mediation on the Web
  • Semantic Web applications
  • Semantic Web standards

The Workshop gives the attendants the possibility to discuss ideas, problems and visions in depth and face to face. The objective of the workshop is to bring researchers and developers of the Semantic Web together not only to represent mature work, but also to discuss the ongoing development in order to allow for smoother and faster progression of the Semantic Web. We plan to limit the number of formal presentations and concentrate on discussion sessions instead.

Natasha Noy, Martin Frank, Steffen Staab

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